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We would not be who we are without the dedicated support of our volunteers. We highly encourage FVAA friends and family to sign up to volunteer for school events and activities. Thank you for your willingness to help our school. 


Please follow the 3 STEPS TO VOLUNTEERING below to join the team!


Email us and let us know how you would like to help.


Send us an email to get our private digital CRC (Criminal Record Check) link and access code.


Download, sign and submit this declaration to our office:

Additional Information for Volunteer Drivers

Additionally, you may like to volunteer to drive students for a school activity (field trips, athletics...).

In order to do so, you must ALSO submit the following 2 VOLUNTEER DRIVER ITEMS to the school office:

Proof of Vehicle Insurance with 2,000,000 minimum liability

  1. Call or drop by your insurance office and ask for a copy of this.

  2. Fax or email it to the school office (604-856-1002 /

Driver's Abstract





  1. Call ICBC at 1-800-950-1498 (or 604-661-2255 local call).

  2. When auto machine answers press number 2 then 1

  3. The auto attendant will as for your driver’s license number while you are on hold.

  4. A representative will ask how they can help. Say you want the (N) driver abstract with a six year claims history.

  5. A password is required (Your mother’s maiden name, your registered vehicle make and year...)

  6. Have ICBC send a Fax or email of it to the school office (604-856-1002 /  You can also have them send it to yourself and you can forward it on to us.

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