Love God & Serve others with music.  This is our goal as your children learn the value of music, and develop the skills to sing in an ensemble or play an instrument.  Our curriculum follows the National Standards of Music, and exposes your children to a wide repertoire of music. We value each student's unique talents and strive to create a safe learning environment as they develop in their character and musicianship.

By creating a safe, consistent, and welcoming environment, FVAA music program helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students. Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences and group activities, providing ample opportunities for pupils to improve their knowledge-base while developing social skills. See the classes being offered at FVAA music program.

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SENIOR BAND & CHOIR (Grades 9-12)

Whether in band, choir, or both - students will be learning a wide variety of repertoire as they develop their musical abilities. 
Performances and field trips are scheduled during the school year. Also, we are going on a music tour where we have an opportunity to celebrate our growth as musicians while sharing our music with the communities around us.

Please read the music syllabus for detailed information. 




A fun approach to learning music continues as students begin to sing and play music with more than one part (harmony instead of unison).  In addition to learning more scales and pitches, the students will gain experience on musical elements such as tone, blend, dynamics, and independent lines.



(Grades 5)

Students are introduced to instruments in concert band.  We will spend about six weeks on five instruments: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and snare drum. We will be working with the Essential Elements method book to help us build a good foundation on basic notes, reading, and technique. Students are required to practice 20 mins five days a week and are expected to turn in a practice log as part of their weekly homework (35% of their grade).  

Please do NOT buy an instrument.  If you already have an instrument, email me at Instrument rental contracts will be sent out on the first day of school and due back by Friday, Sept. 7.  The rental fee is $23.20 per month and can go towards a “rent to own” program.  In order to rent through the school, you must be able to provide credit card information. 



The violin program starting in September will help students build a good foundation on rhythm, pitch, and appreciation for music.  Singing will also be part of our curriculum, though our main focus will be learning the violin.


The first month will be dedicated to learning parts of the instrument, care for the instrument, proper posture, holding the violin, hand position, and bow hold.  Once they are able to demonstrate these during class time, they will be able to take their violins home to practice.

Students must bring their violins to school on their assigned music days.  Check with their homeroom teacher about days for music class.   

Parent involvement is essential for student success.  Encouragement and praise toward the student will help them in their journey to learning the violin and developing an appreciation for music. It may take a couple months before they are able to make a good sound, but be patient:) Students are encouraged to practice 15 mins four days a week (at home or at school). 

For those who would like to take advantage of FREE after-school group violin lessons, please email:  Each student can sign up for one or two lessons a week (depending on availability.  8 students max per group) Group violin lessons will begin on September 17.  Mondays from 3:05-3:35pm, and Tuesdays &Thursdays from 3:05-3:35pm in the music portable.

The violin rental fee is $122.08 for the entire school year which includes protection from loss, theft, and damages.  Instrument rental contracts will be sent out on the first day of school and due back by Friday, Sept. 7.  In order to rent through the school, you must be able to provide credit card information.  Another option is to rent a violin on your own at your preferred music store (Long & Macquade, Kings Music, Tom Lee, etc) - please make sure your child gets the correct size violin for his/her arm length.  A representative at the store should be able to help with this.  If you are interested in buying your own violin, please keep in mind that your child may outgrow the violin in several months (different for every child). Buying the correct size is very important.


Students must have their violins by Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, which is our first violin class.

Please email me at for any questions or concerns.

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