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Spring Break 2019

A group of students from FVAA spent spring break 2019 on a mission trip to Belize.  Here are just a few photos of that wonderful trip!

Late on the Sunday evening of March 17th, nineteen students and their sponsors, led by Pastor Ben Amoah, boarded their plane from Vancouver International Airport to begin their travel to the beautiful country of Belize, where they would spend their next ten days serving.

            In Belize the group had three areas of ministry on a regular basis: building a classroom, leading a Vacation Bible School, and hosting the Adventist radio station called Faith FM. The mornings consisted of building another classroom at Billy White SDA School. Before lunch was served at high noon, the group mixed cement and they moved and laid bricks. There was also work done to paint and prepare a recently built classroom about fifty meters away from the construction. The work in the morning would sometimes be paused to play pick up volleyball with the children that attended the school during their recess. In the afternoon, the students led out in VBS where they told testimonies and stories of Jesus, followed by crafts and games outside. After a wonderful supper, the group

hosted Faith FM – discussing relevant and applicable topics within Adventism. The students had many outings and excursions to witness the natural beauty and history that make up Belize.

            This mission trip was very meaningful to the young people and the sponsors. The students from Fraser Valley Adventist Academy grew a tremendous amount in only a few days and represented their academy well. It showed them their potential in renovating a community – putting their whole effort into making a Christ-centered place even better. One student was impacted so powerfully that she was rebaptized to show her renewed commitment to Christ.

            It was an experience of a lifetime simply because our kids got to see their identity and purpose in Christ fulfilled. The children in Belize were impacted greatly by the commitment by young people had to see them happy and learning of Jesus. Fraser Valley Adventist Academy is looking forward to returning to continue the work that has begun.

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